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3 Affirmations That You Can Use To Conquer Limiting Beliefs

Did you know that you can use affirmations to conquer your limiting beliefs? It?s true! Limiting beliefs can really hold you back if you don?t have a toolbelt of affirmations on hand. That?s why we?re going to provide you with 3 affirmations you can use to overcome your limiting beliefs in this article.

An affirmation is a positive statement that helps replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For instance, instead of saying, “I can’t do that,” you might say, “I can do that but I may have to practice first.? Repeatedly making these positive statements can change the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving your goals in life.

We would recommend writing these affirmations down somewhere ? perhaps on a Post-It note that you can stick to your mirror ? so that you remember to say them out loud. Before you know it, your limiting beliefs won?t feel so overpowering. You?ll also feel more confident, and more ready to take on each day. Now, let?s get into the affirmations, shall we?
1. ?Today, I Am Grateful?
Saying “Today, I am grateful” is a helpful way to deal with thoughts that hold you back. When you express thanks, you turn your attention away from problems and start noticing good things in your life. This simple saying will help you appreciate what you have and look at things more positively. It reminds you to find happiness in the here and now, lessening the effect of thoughts that limit your progress.
2. ?I Am Grateful For the Opportunity to Create My Best Life?
This affirmation might just help you have a positive attitude in spite of your limiting beliefs because you?ll be recognizing the chance to grow and get better. When you focus on being thankful, you start looking at the possibilities of making a satisfying life for yourself instead of thinking about the obstacles you?ll have to overcome. This simple saying will remind you to value any opportunities for improvement that come your way.
3. ?I Welcome All of the Good Things Coming My Way?
This phrase will help you have a positive and open attitude. When you express a welcoming attitude to positivity, you shift your focus from negative thoughts to expecting good outcomes. This simple saying will remind you to stay open to positive possibilities, and should also help to push back against any limiting beliefs you might have.

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