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5 Common Limiting Beliefs To Get Rid Of

Have you ever heard of limiting beliefs? Everyone has them, but it?s not always easy to identify a particular thought as a limiting belief, especially in the moment. Being able to identify limiting beliefs (like the ones we?ll be talking about below) is a necessary skill to have ? especially if you?re looking to adopt a growth mindset and live your life to the fullest. Without further ado, let?s get started!
1. ?I?m Not Good Enough?
?I?m not good enough? is one of the most common limiting beliefs. Most people with imposter syndrome feel this way when it comes to work or school. It?s rooted in a fear of failure, as well as a lack of confidence. Getting rid of this limiting belief is a matter of changing your perspective. Instead of thinking ?I?m not good enough,? try to think: ?If I practice, I will get better.?
2. ?I Don?t Have Enough Time?
Everyone feels like they don?t have enough time. Life is stressful, and most people struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The belief that you ?don?t have enough time,? though, actually prevents you from making time. Basically, you?ve already given up on the idea of having more time, so you don?t take the necessary actions to make more time for yourself.
3. ?I?m Not Smart Enough?
This limiting belief is also rooted in a fear of failure. People with a fixed mindset might prefer to sit back and let a ?smarter? person do the work, but this will ultimately prevent you from growing as a person. Let go of the belief that you?re ?not smart enough.? You are! It?s just a matter of applying yourself.
4. ?I?m Not Talented Enough?
This is another super common limiting belief. If someone is excelling at something that you?re having a hard time with, it?s easy to feel jealous. You might automatically say: ?Well, that person is just talented.? In reality, they probably worked really hard to get where they are ? and you can, too!
5. ?I?ll Never Be the Best?
Some people believe that wanting to be the best can be quite motivating. If you?re obsessed with always being the best though, it can actually be quite limiting. You don?t necessarily have to give up on ?being the best,? but you may find it beneficial to take a step back and gain an understanding of your personal limits and capabilities.

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