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5 tricks to manage your day job and your side hustle

A side hustle can become a hard task to manage when you don’t plan things properly. If you are currently struggling to find a balance between your regular job and your side hustle, then this post is for you. Some people want to earn extra money, but they don’t take into consideration how doing it will affect their daily lives. Overall, there are many factors that you should consider, but we have gathered five tricks to manage your day job and your side hustle so you can make your life easier!
1. Find a Side Hustle that Complements your Regular Job
If you don’t want your work life to collapse, then you can choose to find a side hustle that complements your regular job, that way you’ll be performing greatly at both things while at the same time you’ll be earning some extra money at the end of the month. To give you an example, if you’re a journalist, you can choose to have a side hustle that is about writing, for example, a blog. That way, you’ll be improving your abilities as a writer while at the same time your earnings will increase.
2. Build boundaries between your regular job and your side hustle
Don’t combine them, seriously. It gets hard when you don’t know how to make boundaries between both things. By this, we mean that you should choose a schedule to work on your side hustle so you don’t end up crazy while trying to do both things at the same time. There’s a time and place for everything, so you shouldn’t push yourself too hard (see the next point) while trying to earn some extra money.
3. Don’t push yourself too hard
If you’re currently struggling to get money, we understand that you’ll want to work as much as you can to earn more; however, this isn’t a good idea. After you have found a balance between your day job and your side hustle, don’t do anything that might break it. Remember that your health is important, and sometimes you might end up being too stressed to work or even stop sleeping.
4. Your work is worth something
A common mistake that beginners commit when doing Freelance jobs, for example, is to work for free. That’s a big no because even if what you’re doing is pretty basic, it is still worth it. Always request at least a percentage of the payment before you start working with someone so you can avoid future problems.
5. Learn when to say ‘No’
We’ve been there. You don’t want to waste opportunities, and you take as many as you want. This isn’t a good idea, and that’s why you have to learn to dismiss the ones that you think won’t do well for you. When you learn how to say no, you will also learn a great lesson about control. Remember that you?re the one who chooses when and where to work when it comes to side hustles.

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