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8 Side Hustle Ideas You Probably Don’t Know

When it comes to Side Hustle, there are many options out there. The most known ones are freelancing and doing surveys, but there’s a lot of things out there that you can do. If you are looking for new and innovative ways of earning extra money, then this post will work well for you. Let’s start naming them!
1. Grocery Shop for People
There are certain websites that are dedicated to this, as weird as it sounds (and they pay very well for it!). Since we’re currently going through a pandemic, many people don’t want to go out. You can take a risk and start earning some extra money by going grocery shopping for people near you!
2. Sell your DIY stuff
EVERYTHING has a price, and you can start making easy but useful crafts like decorations, accessories, and many other things to earn a bit of extra money. These items are often amazing, especially if they’re ‘cute’ stuff, like paper flowers, or origami (although learning how to do that can take you a bit of time, though). Make sure you know what you’re going to do, and then proceed to sell it!
3. Donate Blood
This kind of feels like you’re selling your blood, but you’re actually helping people who may need it. BloodBanker is one of the websites that pay you for this, but you can look in other places for more information. For every donation, you will earn a minimum of $50.
4. Social Media Manager
Also known as a community manager, it is a great way of earning some extra money. The task is easy, and you’ll learn more things about digital marketing. All you need is creativity, and to look for potential clients. Overall, everyone can become a community manager, and some companies pay a great amount for taking care of their socials!
5. Cooking treats for Pets
This is not odd, because pets are part of the family. However, not many people know that you can earn some extra money by cooking treats for pets like dogs, for example. Some pet supply stores will pay you a good amount for your baked treats!
6. Selling your Hair
Do you have long hair and have been looking for a new style? Then, you can sell it depending on the price it may have. There are tools around the web that let you know that, but you can go to beauty salons and ask for the price too. People pay a ton for good hair!
7. Get paid by testing websites
Web developers are often testing their new sites, and for that, sometimes they pay people to just navigate around the web and inform them of the errors or bugs they may find around the web.
8. Try becoming a Tutor
Do you have something you’re really good at, like maths, physics…? The list goes on, and it doesn’t matter what you want to teach, there’s probably someone out there who is willing to pay you if you teach them. There are many websites out there that help you with this, and in the latest years, becoming an English tutor has become very popular!

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