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Creating a Personal Brand ? How Internet Marketing Can Change Your Life

Often internet marketing involves creating a brand and then selling products through that brand. That brand will often be cold, detached, and alien to the users.
But have you considered that this brand does not have to be a bland corporate brand? It doesn?t need to be ?faceless.?
You don?t need to have a fancy logo or to have some meaningless and hip name. Another option is to make yourself the brand. This is what?s called ?personal branding? and it?s a fantastic strategy for anyone that?s looking to promote a product online and that doesn?t mind putting themselves out there.
What is Personal Branding?
Personal branding means that you?re turning yourself into the figurehead of your business in a very public manner. This can mean either that you are the business and you trade under your own name (it saves you money on trademarks at least!) or it could just mean that you?re featured front and center on your website and social media.
A good example of this would be the Smart Passive Income Blog where anyone who reads the blog regularly will recognize Pat Flynn. Likewise, you have the Four Hour Blog where Tim Ferriss is front and center. These are examples of personal brands that have worked very well.
One advantage of a personal brand is that it can make you famous. Sure, some people will see this more as a disadvantage but if you?re the sort of person who likes the limelight it may well appeal.
Another advantage is that it lets people feel as though they know you and it gives your brand personality. This means that when you interact with someone on Twitter or Facebook, they?ll feel like they?re talking to an actual human being rather than just being the recipient of market speak. They thus become FAR more likely to buy from you in future.
With a personal brand you?ll also be able to aim to become an influencer. That means you can get paid by brands to create sponsored content. It?s common for an influencer on Instagram to get paid $1,000 for every 200,000 followers they have. If you have 1M followers, you can get paid $5,000 for something that takes literally five minutes. That?s pretty good hourly rates!
It?s definitely worth considering and if you?re interested, pay close attention to the web?s big names to see how they?re making it work for them!

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