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Effective Sales Funnels Produce A Complete Picture For Prospective Buyers

People hate getting tricked. When was the last time somebody pulled a bait-and-switch trick on you? It didn’t feel good right? It wasn’t exactly a happy experience. And the more these tricks are pulled, the more jaded consumers become.

They are always thinking to themselves, Well, that’s too good to be true. What is that other person getting out of it? How come this seems so smooth and quick? These are natural questions to ask because if you’ve been tricked, defrauded, scammed, or otherwise mistreated by online sales pages in the past, you too would develop this kind of attitude.

It is an all too human and all-natural response. As the old saying goes, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.? This is why it is imperative for any responsible marketer who is truly interested in becoming successful, to be as transparent, sincere, and authentic as possible.

Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of sales funnels on the internet. In fact, a lot of people would say that I’ve seen too much. And I can guarantee you that a lot of the failing sales funnels have one thing in common. They produce an incomplete picture.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot position your product so it looks superior even to a product that is known as the category killer in your industry. This doesn’t mean that you can’t position the product that you’re selling in such a way that it is under the best light possible. That’s different from misrepresentation or lying.

An effective sales funnel must provide a clear picture, and it has to be complete. So you can’t just show your product in a way where the only thing people can see is one dimension of the product. Because once people buy your stuff, and they can see that they actually got taken in because they didn’t see all the other dimensions of your product, how do you think they would feel?

Let’s put it this way, how would you feel if somebody did that to you? So what’s important here is to give the control back to the consumer. When they see a complete picture of the product, and I’m talking about descriptions and reviews that basically point to all the dimensions of the product, both good and bad, they can see that you are a straight shooter. They can see that you are not hiding the ball.

This way, you give them control, because now, they can still choose your product because they have all this information. Of course, there’s got to be a lot of positioning here. You can’t just say, Well I have this computer, and it’s kind of on the slow side, here, please buy it for me.? That’s pathetic.

People won’t buy from you because you just said it’s slow. You just have to lay out the numbers, and you have to let them connect the dots. Of course, you can’t do this passively because you also have to position the computer that you are selling based on its strength.

Maybe the computer has one of the best screens on the market. Highlight that, then just say that this is the speed. Now if they did the research, they would know that that speed is kind of on the middle of the road or on the slow end, but that’s on them, you did your part. You share the information, you’re not hiding the ball.

Compare this with somebody who’s basically saying that this is the best screen, and that’s all that person said. He didn’t mention the speed. He didn’t mention all the other elements of the computer. That’s going to lead to higher refunds and a tremendous amount of dissatisfaction.

So do yourself a big favor, and set up an effective sales funnel that maximizes transparency, sincerity, and authenticity. To figure out how to do this right, and maximize your profits, click here.

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