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How Self-Doubt Can Lead to Disaster

Unleashing the Trendsetting Power of Visualization, manifest your vision

Visualization works. All of us are capable of achieving great things and doing good in the world. We are also capable of attracting good fortune to ourselves and enjoying the bounties of life. The universe is full of abundance, and all of us are worthy.

However, many of us do not grow up with that mindset. Many people are going through difficulties, struggles, self-doubt, and sometimes even traumas that tell us that we are not good enough to have the good things that we want. We may be used to being disappointed and hurt by our hopes or expectations.

How Self-Doubt Can Lead to Disaster, manifest your vision, Power of Visualization

It may be terrifying for us to put ourselves in the vulnerable position of believing that there is better out there and that we may one day attain it for ourselves. Our disappointments can be powerful and discouraging, and it can lead us to feel as if we are simply not worthy of the good that others have.

But this is dangerous. Not only does it prevent us from trying to reach higher and hope for better things, but it can create resentment within us that can block the positive things from reaching us. It can blind us to the ways that we truly are blessed and lucky, and it can make it very easy for us to miss the opportunities that we are given.

But worst of all is when we doubt our worth and our abilities. When we are too afraid to even hope that a thing like visualization can make a difference in our lives. For visualization to work, we must let go of the doubts. We can’t keep telling ourselves that we aren’t worthy enough or that good things don’t happen to people like us. We can’t be afraid to hope, to dream, to expect better. We have to believe that we can have what we want and need, and we have to do it without any fear of failure.

That can be difficult, of course, but if we stay stuck in these damaging mindsets, then we will never be able to make progress. If we aren’t then we are stuck in the mud and suffering, not just from our actions, but from the power we have surrendered to others. If we do not take our power and allow ourselves to believe that we are worth the good things that we need, we are inviting our environment to make the choices for us of what we deserve. And of course, people will tend to walk all over you because they value themselves and their ability to rise to the top.

A Beginners Guide To Visualization, manifest your vision, Power of Visualization, How Self-Doubt Can Lead to Disaster

But we can all rise. We can all coexist and live the lives that we deserve. We can have the things we need, and we can be happy. The first step is to believe that we can have what we desire without doubt. The next step is to let it happen.

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