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How to Choose the Sponsors You Want to Work With

If you have been putting a lot of work into becoming an influencer, then chances are that you are hoping to get sponsors. A sponsor is of course a company or individual that is willing to pay you to endorse their product. That might mean doing a shout-out at the start of a YouTube video to say how great the product is, but it could also mean simply wearing a piece of merchandise or using it casually in your video.
You can earn a LOT of money doing this, and it is a very resilient and easy way to earn cash. The problem is that it can also involve ?selling out.? You might find that by choosing the wrong sponsors, you actually end up driving away the very followers that you rely on. Or at the very least, just feeling a little bit dirty and wrong.
So, how do you choose the sponsors to work with? Here are some tips.
Do You Believe in the Message?
The first and most important thing to consider, is whether you believe in the product itself? but also the message that the company is pushing. Do you agree with the ethos of the business and more importantly, does that ethos agree with the ethos of the brand you?ve created?
Ideally you should pick something that you actually use. Better yet, you should pick something that your target audience is likely to find useful and that fits your niche. But most important is that you feel that the message is on brand.
If you can genuinely say that the two are aligned, then that business is a good fit for you.
Is it Worthwhile?
The other thing to ask is whether the partnership properly benefits you. That is to say: does it offer you anything in terms of financial remuneration? And are you being fully compensated for the work you?re putting in?
Most importantly, be dubious of companies that primarily offer commission. This often means that the value is limited and will benefit them a lot more than you!
Don?t be Scared and Know Your Worth
The mistake a lot of influencers will make is to jump at the first opportunity they are offered, being afraid that they otherwise might not get another chance. This of course is a big mistake, and so you should make sure that you are calm and collected and know your own worth. Do some research!

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