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How to Sell Big Ticket Items for LOTS of Money as an Instagram Influencer

Lots of people want to become influencers because they love the idea of being paid to make posts on their channel. The idea of getting paid thousands of dollars just to wear a pair of shoes is obviously appealing to a lot of people.
But this might actually be thinking small.
Because think about it: if a company is willing to pay you thousands to make that post? they must be earning thousands more. And if they can do that, so can you! Why should they benefit most from your hard work and good name?
The key is to find a big ticket item ? something you can charge a lot of money for. As an influencer, the best product you can offer is you. That means a consultation, advice, a program, or similar. If you can help people to be more like you, or share your expertise in any other way, then you?ll likely be very surprised at just how much they are willing to pay.
Perfect examples include:
? Beauty courses
? Personal training
? Life coaching
? Business consultation
? Website design
These are services that you can sell on a large scale, and that you can charge a lot of money for, thereby making it very much worth your while.
The Soft Sell
As an influencer, you?ll be perfectly positioned to sell a service like this. Being an influencer means that people trust your opinion and like your approach. That means that should they want a service that they know you provide, you are more than likely to be their number one choice to provide it.
So how do you get them on board? One strategy is to use a soft sell.
This means you aren?t going to come out of the gate with an obvious advertisement. You?re not going to market a new product or service. Rather, you will post images that are inspiring in your niche, and occasionally mention that you provide consultation, coaching, web design, or whatever else.
This way, you can then wait for people to contact you ? and they will. At this point, you just have a back and forth natural conversation where they can further get to know you, and you can identify the kinds of things they might benefit from and whether you can help.
Once this is done, you can discuss pricing. This strategy is extremely effective for selling an expensive service or product that involves a commitment, and it can make a big difference to your income!

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