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How To Sell Your Online Evergreen Course In 3 Steps

Evergreen Internet Profits by Henry Starks

Selling a course for the first time can be intimidating and scary. But if you’ve done your homework before you even created your course ? that is, you’ve researched your audience, and you’ve identified a profitable niche then half the work’s already done. You just need to let the world know about your awesome course and how it can help solve their problem.

How To Sell Your Online Evergreen Course In 3 Steps

1. Describe the problem

Make your problem description easy to relate to. Give examples of just how bad the problem is. If you’re selling a course on a stomach problem, then you can describe the excruciating pain you experience every time your stomach acts up. Explain how embarrassed you feel every single time you need to excuse yourself from the company, how your mind races to come up with explanations on why you need to go on break again.

Use words commonly used to describe the problem, so your readers know you understand their situation. In short, you have to make your audience feel the pain. Make them go ouch and say me too while reading your copy.

2. Make the problem go away

Once the problem has been vividly entrenched in your audience’s mind, it’s time to tell them how much better their lives will be if they no longer need to go through that problem. Tell them they don’t have to live with it anymore. Paint a picture of how they can do whatever they want, wherever they want if that problem goes away forever. Describe all the things they can do and places they can go to if they can eradicate that problem. Make them want a solution so bad they have to get it right that very instant!

3. Present your course as the solution

At this point, your target audience should be ready to buy. Pitch your course as the solution. Assure them that it covers everything they need to know to never experience the problem ever again. Tell them how exactly it’s going to solve their problem and why they need to buy it now if they want the problem to go away.

Use the power of testimonials. Include a demo video or screenshots of your course. A free preview, if you will. Not only will they be able to see firsthand how well your course works, but it will also help assure them that your course is indeed the real deal.

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