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How to Take Your Membership Site to the Next Level

You’ve managed to create a successful membership website. You have new members coming in, they are engaged with your content, and they are taking part in your community. If you aspire to do something more than merely increase your members’ numbers and revenue, then here’s how you can take your membership site to the next level.

Develop and Offer Book Sales
This is something that most membership sites do if they want to ramp up their business. eBooks are additional products that you can promote and sell to your existing member base. These can be introduced as an upsell for your customers, and are generally positioned as the next step to take if you are trying to bring your membership site to the next level.

Provide Coaching Services
While membership sites are typically DIY, you can still provide training and resources to your members. Members can then use those resources and training, along with the community support to enable them to accomplish whatever it is they joined your site to do, but achieve it themselves. An excellent way to bring your membership site to the next level is by offering one-on-one training or coaching to complement the resources they?ve already gathered.

Have Different Levels of Value
The upsells that you offer your customers, do best when they are arranged in what is commonly known as a value ladder. You have a broad range of products to provide your customers, with the lower ticket items at the bottom of the ladder and your high ticket, more expensive products at the top of the ladder. You can market Product A, the entry-level, lower-priced items to all your members. When someone buys Product A, then you market Product B to them. If they purchase Product B, then you can market Product C, and up the ladder, you go.

Replicate Your Model
If you’ve already built a successful membership site, and you’ve proven that the model, in terms of specific things that you’re doing for acquiring new customers and retaining current customers, your content creation, and your approach to teaching, then you should consider exploring the opportunities to replicate that proven model for other topics. If you don’t feel you have enough expertise to branch out to other topics, you can always partner up with someone who does.

If you are looking for ways to take a successful membership site to the next level, these four ideas are worth exploring. These four ideas can help you take your membership site to the next level and further increase your monthly revenue.

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