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If You Want To Make Money Online You Have To Understand

One of the biggest hurdles many rookie marketers face is psychological; it really is. You have to understand that the biggest barriers to our success are the barriers that we ourselves hold up and hang on to. These are psychological. These are attitudes, mindsets, and ideas that we have, and believe me, they have a tremendous impact on our decisions.

When you view the world a certain way, and you don’t walk away from that view, or you refuse to mature or change, you’re holding yourself back. Because mature people change their views based on their experiences.

When they get new information or go through different experiences, they change their view. That’s the definition of maturity. The problem with a lot of marketers, especially the ones who are struggling, is they refuse to change their views. It’s as if you are interviewing them right at the moment they decided to make money online.

One of the most commonly held views is that everybody is an ideal customer. I’m not just talking about a potential customer for whatever it is that you’re promoting, but an ideal one. That alone speaks volumes of these people’s ignorance.

Please understand that while it’s true, that all people can be convinced to buy something that they don’t really need, it all boils down to cost, and more importantly, opportunity costs. The direct cause of these is easy to see. If somebody’s not really interested, you can spend a tremendous amount of time in resources; flashing all sorts of ads, blasting that person with all sorts of articles, and reaching out to the people that that person already thinks are credible and authoritative, and maybe you can get that person to sign on the dotted line.

It took a lot of effort. It definitely takes a lot of money. Now, here’s the problem: While you were able to score a victory with that person, how much more sales could you have gotten if you had filtered that person out early on?

In other words, how much more money could you have made if you spent all that time, effort, energy, and money targeting people who are more likely to buy from you? This is called an opportunity cost. So when you tally up all these costs, you actually are wasting money hand over fist, going after the wrong traffic.

The same applies to online sales funnels. The top hallmark of an effective sales funnel is that it is obvious to people who are not interested in whatever you have to offer, that your sales page is not for them. You’re doing both them and yourself a huge favor when you do that.

So the key here is to not worry about creating a sales funnel system that appeals to everybody and anybody from all four corners of the world. That’s not your job. Your job is to find people who are more likely to buy from you and put their eyeballs in front of a system that is finely tuned to convert as many of those people as possible.

I hope you can understand the difference. This is not about universal appeal. Instead, it’s all about highly-filtered and specific appeal. To learn how to put an effective sales funnel together, so that it quickly filters out uninterested individuals, and maximizes your efforts on converting prospects who are interested, click here.

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