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    The keto diet is one of the best diets to follow if you are trying to lose weight fast and transform your lifestyle. The keto diet is a dramatic diet shift for most people, making it notoriously difficult to start. One of the best ways to start your keto diet is to arm yourself with the most reliable and helpful information possible.

    More and more research is being conducted and showing the link between weight and health. To date, more than 60 chronic diseases are linked to obesity and overweight. This can include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, but these aren’t the only chronic diseases connected to weight.

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    Topics covered:

    • What is the keto diet
    • The secret of the keto diet
    • Benefits and risks of the diet
    • Ketogenic diets to choose from;
    • What you can and can’t eat on the keto diet;
    • How to kickstart ketosis;
    • Tips for going keto;
    • How to meal plan;
    • Meal planning vs meal prepping;
    • Keto-friendly recipes;
    • And much more!

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