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Does a To-Do List Help or Hinder Visualization?

Power of Visualization by Henry Starks

Many people will swear by their to-do lists. They can be a helpful tool in keeping track of your daily goals and responsibilities. If you have a difficult time staying motivated and keeping yourself on track, a to-do list can help you. However, there is a point where writing out your to-do list might actually be more hurtful than helpful.

People who are motivated to succeed and are focused on making great life changes that will impact their futures can often get caught up in details. It can be exhausting to write out every single thing that you want to accomplish, and writing out every single step that you think you need to take in order to get to the point that you want to be at.

To Do or Not To Do?: Does a To-Do List Help or Hinder Visualization?

There are some cases where these very detailed and elaborate lists can actually become discouraging. Not only does it seem overwhelming to see every single step to take laid out right before your eyes, but it can be physically stressful to try and comprehend everything that you’re going to have to do in order to become the person you are visualizing.

Unfortunately, when we become overwhelmed, either mentally, physically, or emotionally, it can actually cause us to freeze up and feel like no matter how much work we put into something, the progress we make will not be enough. We stop giving ourselves credit for the work that we’ve done and can sometimes overlook these things and maybe even give up on the important steps we need to take altogether. This is obviously dangerous, and overloading our minds in this way can cause us to lose progress rather than make progress.

General to-do lists are fine. But obsessing over every single detail is dangerous. It can not only be discouraging, but it can cause us to close our minds to opportunities that may present themselves to us because they don’t fit into the plan that we have made for ourselves. It’s great to write goals out and keep ourselves focused on achieving those goals, but it can really deplete our energy to try and stay fixated on every single specific step that we need to take to get where we need to be.

Overall, visualization does work, but it has many possible ways that it can manifest in your life and work for you. If you are fixated on staying completely in control, you may completely miss out on the law of attraction and cause yourself to take a step back rather than a step forward. So, depending on how you use them, you can either use a to-do list to help yourself stay on top of general daily goals, or you can get rid of them entirely so you stay open to any opportunity that might come your way!

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