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Top 4 Tips for Creating a Six-Figure Membership Site

Membership sites are becoming more popular with entrepreneurs as a way to provide exclusive content to people who are willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Membership sites are popular because they provide passive income for their owners and allow people to establish themselves as experts in their chosen field. If you?ve recently launched a site, or are just now starting your research, here are four tips for creating a six-figure membership site.

Tip #1 ? Make it Clear that You?re an Expert
As you start to attract customers, you?ll need to keep your offerings to a high standard if you want them to keep coming. You have to put in the time and energy to make sure that this happens. You can make this happen by establishing yourself as a thought-leader and be at the forefront of anticipating the opportunities and threats which your chosen field is likely to face.

Tip #2 ? Structure Your Content Smartly
The best membership sites are those that offer lots of value for the money. One way to create a significant membership site is to provide a learning path. This is a structured way to present your courses so that learners will get the information incrementally. If you can present your customers with a training roadmap that you gradually teach a few of the skills, you may end up with more members.

Tip #3 ? Don?t Give Everything Away at Once
To run a successful membership site, you need to find a way to strike a careful balancing act. While your first podcast, eBook, or lesson needs to have tangible value, if you share too much, you won?t have any content for the next time. This is especially important if you give away a freebie initially to collect email addresses.

Tip #4 ? Leverage Your Existing Customers
While you still want to gain a lot of new members, you also need to take into consideration how you are engaging your current members. After you secure your first set of members, you may want to engage with them so that you know if there are ways that you can improve. When current customers are happy, they will not only continue to do business with you, but they will refer you to their family and friends.

The best membership websites offer their members high-quality content on a consistent basis and establish themselves as the best at what they do. They keep customers coming back and telling their friends about it. By utilizing these four tips, you’ll be able to build a successful membership site that continues to provide you with passive monthly income.

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