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Why The Law Of Attraction Does Not Understand Certain Negative Words

How many times have you ended up with something that you really didn’t want in your life? Something that made you think I never asked for this? When this happens people will often say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work because they are receiving things that they didn’t request.

But this is not the Law of Attraction not working. The problem is that the Law does not recognize words such as no, not, or don’t. Some people will say to the Universe I don’t want any more of this or no more of that or even this is not what I need.

The Universe gave him what he asked for

Here is an interesting story that underlines this. A person goes to a charity event and they have to pay $50 for a ticket. They then make a donation of a further $30 through the purchase of raffle tickets and other things. Some crazy prizes were being offered for the raffle and the person didn’t really want to win any of them.

One prize, in particular, stood out that he didn’t want this was a crazy haircut that he knew would look stupid on him. So he said to himself many times I don’t want to win the crazy haircut. You can guess what happened can’t you His number came out for the crazy haircut!

The man asked for the number to be read out again because he just couldn’t believe it. He had specifically asked not to win the crazy haircut but here he was with this awful prize. His mistake was using the word don’t What the Universe heard him ask for was I want to win the crazy haircut?.

How can you stop getting what you don’t want?

So if the Universe doesn’t recognize these 3 words how can you stop receiving things that you do not want? The answer to this is simple. Think about what you don’t want and then think about what you want instead.

Here is an example. A girl at college was not getting the grades that she wanted. She knew that her parents would be very disappointed so she turned to the Law of Attraction for help. Initially, she said to the Universe I don’t want more bad grades. This didn’t work of course.

Someone who was more experienced in using the Law of Attraction told her about the Universe not recognizing the word don’t and that she should ask for what she wanted instead. So next time she said I want good grades. She received good grades.

Stop getting the things you don’t want for good

Now that you understand the principle of this it is time for you to put in a little effort to stop getting all of those things that you don’t want in your life anymore. Take some quiet time out and think about the things that you don’t want that happen to you often. Write these down on a piece of paper.

Next to each item write down how continually receiving this makes you feel. Then ask yourself what you want to happen instead of the thing you don’t want. Write this down and also how happy you will feel to receive this instead. Now formulate the questions in the right way avoiding no, don’t, and not.

Use these new positive questions to ask the Universe and you will transform your life.

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