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You Can Use The Law Of Attraction For Money But It’s Not Easy

Magnetic Manifestations: Unveiling the Trendy Realities of Attraction by Henry Starks

A lot of people are interested in the Law of Attraction because they want to manifest more money. This is fine and it will work for you but you need to understand that manifesting money is not easy.

Many long-term practitioners of the Law of Attraction will tell you that attracting money is tough. Even they are baffled about the reasons for this so in this article we will explain why it is more difficult to attract money than other things in your life.

You Can Use The Law Of Attraction For Money But It's Not Easy

People who have watched the movie The Secret and have listened to others who do not understand the Law of Attraction think that all they need to do is to wish for money and it will arrive. This is not how it works as you will discover.

You Crave Money far too much

Most people want to manifest money in their lives far more than they do anything else. When this happens it often makes you repel the manifesting of money. The more that you crave something in your life the more the Law of Attraction will keep it from you. This is all linked to desperation and lack.

Instead of being desperate, you need to transform yourself into an empowered state so that you will be more attractive to money. Stop thinking that you are always lacking money and start thinking instead that you have the power to make it whenever you want.

You do not have an Abundance Mindset

If you want to attract money using the Law of Attraction you need to have an abundant mindset. So the first thing to do is to study the Law of Abundance and develop strong beliefs around this.

It is essential that you change your thinking and perspective on abundance. If you believe that money is a scarce commodity and that the Universe can only provide you with small amounts of cash then that is what you will get. The truth is that there is no scarcity of money so change your beliefs to this.

Don’t make Money more important than you?

If you ask the average person how important they rank money in their life they will probably tell you that there are other things more important. The reality tends to be a lot different. Most people tend to prioritize the making of money far higher than they should. It is not uncommon for people to see money as more important than themselves.

You need to understand that you are far more important than money. Your health, spirituality, and well-being should always be your priority. This is not to say that money is not important but it should be further down your list of priorities. Once you get this in perspective attracting anything will be easier for you.

Money is not really what you want

If you think about it having money is just a means to an end. It is what money can give you that is really important. People want to make a lot of money so that they can be free to do whatever they want. Or they might want a sum of money to educate their children.

So think about the reasons that you want money rather than just the money itself. Also, avoid using terms like I don’t really want lots of money just enough to be happy. This will limit your ability to attract more money for sure.

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